Wildwood Artist Series Residency Program

Providing educational opportunities in the performing arts is a primary goal of the Wildwood Artist Series. We have done so by awarding performing arts scholarships and by setting up educational outreach programs in the schools where students learn directly from performers on our evening series. In 2017 JD Steele motivated 3rd – 5th grade students to find their “inner voice” and gave them an understanding of Black Gospel Choral style and culture.

Recap: Monroe Crossing

Last month Monroe Crossing graced our Chautauqua stage bringing catchy tunes and audience requests to life. This first performance of our 2016-2017 season was a definite crowd pleaser!

From the very beginning of the show, Monroe Crossing’s witty banter, and cheerful nature was infectious. The audience could feel that all of the group’s five members truly care for and admire each other.

It was easy to see and hear that all of the members of the band are multitalented. Often, members could be seen switching instruments between songs and taking turns singing in front of the single microphone. With all the members singing into one microphone, the audience heard a melding of all of the voices and could clearly see how close all the musicians are.Read more“Recap: Monroe Crossing”

About: Monroe Crossing

Bluegrass music is by nature music that invigorates the soul and makes you instinctually tap your toes. Monroe Crossing dazzles audiences with their original spin on bluegrass music. They have entertained people across the United States, Canada, Europe, and now are making their way to Mahtomedi, Minnesota for a great show! Hailing from the Twin Cities, the band attracts bluegrass connoisseurs and newcomers to the genre too. They love introducing people to the fun and excitement that is bluegrass music.Read more“About: Monroe Crossing”

A Sound For Every Ear

We are a community made up of diverse individuals pursuing a wide variety of interests. There is one thing that brings us all together, something that gets a room full of very different people moving and talking. Music. The Wildwood Artist Series announces its 2016-2017 Series, “A Sound for Every Ear.” The series is focused on catering to everyone’s unique music taste, from bluegrass to folk, the five performances are sure to please every ear. Read more“A Sound For Every Ear”