Recap: Monroe Crossing

Recap: Monroe Crossing

Last month Monroe Crossing graced our Chautauqua stage bringing catchy tunes and audience requests to life. This first performance of our 2016-2017 season was a definite crowd pleaser!

From the very beginning of the show, Monroe Crossing’s witty banter, and cheerful nature was infectious. The audience could feel that all of the group’s five members truly care for and admire each other.

It was easy to see and hear that all of the members of the band are multitalented. Often, members could be seen switching instruments between songs and taking turns singing in front of the single microphone. With all the members singing into one microphone, the audience heard a melding of all of the voices and could clearly see how close all the musicians are.

When the group started playing Dolly Parton’s “In the Pines,” the crowd erupted, not a toe in the room wasn’t taping. Our personal favorite number is when Lisa Fugile sang a beautiful and unique rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” dedicated to our Wildwood Artist Series President, Ellie Bruner, and her husband, Philip. The second half of the performance was dedicated to audience member’s song requests.

Thank you to Monroe Crossing for kicking off another great season, you are welcome on our stage anytime!